We are living in great times of change and transformation. We may reach a point in life where no matter how much we achieve or accumulate, we still can’t manage to find peace and happiness. Our health and relationships begin to fail. Our daily life seems like a struggle. We overall just become sick and tired of being sick and tired. Once we reach a tipping point, that’s when we usually set out to find a deeper meaning for our life.
Chrishara and Crystle are especially blessed with the ability to help one discover their true priorities in life and career and lay out the steps to get to a balance of mind, body and spirit. Their positive outlook, sense of humor and candor add a special component to their style making it a fun and enlightening experience in learning to live a spiritual life. Combining their skills as an astrologer, medium, spiritual counselor, creative, healer and intuitive along with their extensive knowledge of Reiki, Meditation, Shamanic Healing, Energy balancing and Oriental Medicine they inspire those they work with towards personal shifts in consciousness. 


Chrishara Seyanna

I seek to inspire and guide you to the Light Within! Diagnosed with Lupus Nephritis in 2005, I began my journey to holistic wellness. I was like most humans, in a tumultuous relationship, feeling dead and trapped. I received a prognosis from many western medical specialists to go aggressive or have to undergo a kidney transplant or dialysis within 10 years. None of it was sitting well with my spirit, so I started making changes, coming to the revelation that this was all taking place for a reason and it was a part of my purpose.

I put out the call to the Universe and received heavenly guidance on the measures to take to heal myself. I realized that a more holistic approach; mind, body, spirit, was necessary to truly heal, so I adjusted my diet, began exercising and started practicing yoga and meditation. Along with receiving complementary alternative medicines (chiropractic adjustment, massage, acupuncture, hypnotherapy, Reiki, colon therapy, etc…), I have remained off of prescription medicines since. I learned that we need to be INpowered and be our own holistic health advocates and not just do or take any old thing without doing the research and trying less invasive and toxic options. 

With this gained knowledge, experience and wisdom, I put my freelance writing and photography business on hold and in 2011 became a Certified Reiki Master, which extended to Intuitive Counseling and in 2014 a Certified Hypnotherapist. In 2014, I began studying Medical Qi Gong with Dr. Xavier Love of the Blue Dragon Immortal Qi Gong Academy and Tibetan Tantra with Devi Ward Tantra. Since 2010, I have been using the various tools and techniques that I have learned along my journey to guide and assist my clients toward their goals and holistic wellbeing.

In 2014, I realized how all of the modalities that I was studying were all connected with the links of purifying and integrating the mind through meditation and understanding karma and energy, soul control of mental, emotional and physical faculties, as well as releasing energetic traumas, through breath work and movement, getting the personality in alignment with the soul purpose and getting the the Mind, Body and Spirit all on one accord or frequency, so I created my conSCIENCE Coaching program. From that, I have tapped into immense personal Creative POWER, creating works that I didn’t even know I was capable of and love sharing the wisdom with others, so they may thrive as well. Over the years, I have traveled to Puerto Rico, Atlanta, New York, Baltimore and Washington D.C., learning, counseling and healing (self and others) all along my journey.  



Crystle Fuller

I’m a native Detroiter, who graduated from Wayne State university with a B.A. in Sociology. I have been avidly learning about spirituality since I was a child. In 2010, after being laid off from my job, I felt a deeper calling into understanding spirituality and energy healing. This happened one night in my apartment when I first heard the voice of family members that had crossed over. After talking to the deceased family members, I reached out to other family in search of their experiences. Since 2010, I have become a Reiki practitioner and studied mental health in connection to spirituality and compassion/emotional intelligence.

**In 2015, we began doing spiritual cleanses/exorcisms/spirit release therapy and have found that spirit attachments are contributing to many issues that humans are experiencing.**


If you answer yes to any of these questions, please contact us.

  • Feeling low on energy or heavy?
  • Experiencing conflict in personal and/or professional relationships?
  • Have an unhealthy medical diagnosis?
  • Feeling unhappy, unfulfilled or unsatisfied with life?
  • Suffering from anxiety and/or depression?
  • Feeling stuck in life?
  • Want to experience more pleasure, passion and purpose in life?
  • Feeling confused or scatter brained?
  • Need assistance getting life organized?


$50 Initial Consultation Fee (30 minutes)/$50 Cancelation fee within 24hrs of appointment

Possible Options:

  • Energy Balancing
  • Soul Retrieval
  • Spiritual Cleanse & Covering including Entity/Parasite Removal (person and/or environment)
  • Free Mind from Psychological Warfare
  • Strengthen Heart/Mind Connection
  • Increase Emotional Intelligence
  • Purge & Purify Home
  • Energy Conservation & Cultivation (Meditation & Mindfulness Exercises)
  • Enhance Self Love
  • Empowerment (Including Sexual)
  • Compassion & Empathy
  • Mind, Body & Spirit Alignment
  • Intuitive Guidance (Includes Medium and Astrological Readings)
  • Sacred Sex/Relationship Education

Starting Prices (Our prices are based on a sliding scale, depending on income, spirit suggestions and severity of case. We may take a lower price when spirit advices.):

Payments are accepted in person, via PayPal to email address shamanistas313@gmail.com or Cash App account $ChrisharaWilkes


  • $125/hr
  • $500/day (typically 4 hours)


  • $750/6 week mind & heart empowerment sessions (1 hour deep spiritual cleanse and mindfulness coaching)
  • $600/6 week mind & heart empowerment sessions (without energy healing)
  • $600/2 day mind & heart empowerment intensive (weekend retreat)
  • $850 Energy Healing Apprenticeship: 7 weeks; includes mindfulness coaching, psychic/medium development, spiritual cleanse and spiritual cleanse demo and instruction
  • $150 Self Mastery Through Astrology Course (Learn signs, houses, planets, aspects, transits, retrogrades and how the layers connect together to influence mind, body and spirit)
  • $200 Shadow Work Intensive: 2 sessions focused on identifying and integrating shadow characteristics
  • $100 Shadow Check Session: 1 session focused on identifying shadow characteristics. Receive videos to watch prior to 1 hour Astrology/Medium session (primarily for those who have already done deep inner exploration but need to get over one last hurdle)


  • $200 Birth Shaman Services (long distance or in person)
  • $150 Spiritual Cleanse (long distance/remote)
  • $300 Spiritual Cleanse In Person ($15/g extra for mushrooms)
  • $250 Womb Cleanse (similar to a spiritual cleanse but intensely focusing on the female womb to clear the energy of miscarriages, abortions, c-sections, traumatic births and toxic partners.)
  • $200 + $15/g Mushroom Trip
  • $75 Follow-up Spiritual Cleanse (w/in 6 mo)


  • $125/hour (Intuitive Guidance, Medium or Astrology)
  • $75/half hour
  • Add $30 extra to the prices above for a Progressed Astrology chart

*We work with children and adults in private or public institutions.*


  • Fee varies based on case and circumstances


Description of Services

~Spiritual Cleanse: Removal of negative energy and spirit attachments, utilizing Yoruba, Japanese and Native American healing techinques. During a body cleanse, we use various smudges, purified waters and herbs to purge and purify the the body and auric field. We also do soul retrieval and chakra balancing during the session. During a home cleanse, we use various smudges, purified waters, energy techniques and prayers to purge and purify the environment. Most experience a sense of calmness, release and clarity from the process.

Most Experience:
~Removal of Spiritual Parasites/Dark Entities/ Disincarnated Spirits (If there are any)
~Cleansing the Aura
~Rewiring Neural pathways
~Activating the energy flow throughout the body
~Sealing the rips in the energy body
~Connecting the heart chakra to the third eye and gut
~Scanning of the body to determine if there are any major issues to be aware of
~Cleansing the blocks within the organs should there be any, and if it is possible to do so, or if there is more that needs to be done.
~Past Life Contracts Clearing/Cords cutting (if we are allowed to proceed by your higher self) This is NOT karma removal.
~Past Life Visions – ( If necessary to understand why you are going through what you are going through, you will be shown your past lives, this will help you determine the reason as to why you are experiencing that which you are)
~Scanning of your chakras, correction of energy flow and further recommendations directly from your guides as to what you need to do further
~You will also receive further recommendations on what you are to do on your own to SEAL in the new energies flowing your way and to assist your own self further without the constant need to come back for more and more healing sessions. However, should you feel that you do need a healing attunement, or there are some issue that need more work you are welcome to come back for another session.

~Rent-A-Healer: We come to your home and stay for a designated time to assist with bringing peace, harmony and balance to your spiritual and material world. You will receive at least one spiritual cleanse, as well as mindfulness coaching to have the tools you need to thrive in mind, body and spirit. We also provide inspiration and guidance with your own spiritual and creative gifts. Client must commit to at least 2 weeks of in-home visit and self work.

~Mind & Heart Session: During these sessions, you will increase awareness and connection to yourself, others around you and spirit. Shadow aspects of one’s psyche are made conscious for wholeness and healing. Shadow work is designed to bring to the surface repressed trauma, hidden characteristics and heighten awareness to self sabotaging and disempowering habits/patterns. Gain emotional intelligence. Various meditation techniques are shared to conserve and cultivate energy/chi. Get clear on purpose. Deep spiritual cleanse and energy balancing can be included.

~Sacred Sex/Relationship Education: Learn how energy works in the dynamics of partnership for wellbeing and harmony. Learn the importance of intention and cleansing sexual energy to prevent sexually transmitted demons and diseases.

~How to Raise Spiritually Gifted Children Workshop: Parents are taught the warning signs of spiritual warfare and how to protect and arm their children against negative energies. The session includes a demonstration of spiritual cleanse.

~Spiritual Consultations: Through astrology, numerology and mediumship, receive guidance from your ancestors and/or spirit guides on steps to take in your life. Learn your purpose and what energetic blocks are stopping the flow of progress, peace and happiness. Currently focusing on energy picked up from mother’s womb, ancestral trauma and childhood trauma.



“I first experienced the privilege of an in-person reading with Chrishara in the summer of 2012, with the hopes of connecting with my grandfather who had unexpectedly passed a few weeks prior.  It was my first meeting with a medium and I wasn’t sure what to expect.  Immediately Chrishara put me at ease with her calming, kind and supportive energy.

I was hoping for information that would help with my grief, and answers to a few questions I had. Without prompting, Chrishara identified and relayed messages from my grandfather with the language and vocabulary he would have used, describing things that no one could have known.  She also accurately described his appearance without ever seeing his photograph.

Additionally, she connected with other spirits, relaying their messages absolutely accurately, including details of health issues, personality conflicts and lessons my loved ones wanted me to remember.

Recently, in March of 2017, I had the honor of meeting with Chrishara for a second reading, this time with her sister Crystle.  I desperately wanted a reading with the hope of connecting to my beloved grandmother.  My grief was overwhelming and both Chrishara and Crystle felt it upon seeing me, without any knowledge of my grandmother’s passing.  This blended session was nothing short of a gift. My grandmother came through loud and clear, and the messages I received helped me cope with my grief and guilt I had been holding on to.

Chrishara and Crystle’s readings are nothing short of powerful.  They are both uniquely gifted healers, with amazing connections to the spirit world. I would highly recommend them to any one in search of connecting with loved ones and receiving transformative messages.  I am so grateful to both Chrishara and Crystle for sharing their gift and helping me cope with overwhelming grief to find peace.”-Lauren R. (2017);New York City



“I cannot say enough positive things about Chrishara & Crystle. They are both amazing healers with an impeccable ability to read spirit. Having a scientific background, I was never one to believe in the spirit world. That is until I received a reading from Chrishara in 2012. She was able to describe my deceased grandparents with uncanny accuracy. She told me specific things about their appearance & personalities that no one would know or be able to guess! From this moment on, I was a believer and wanted to learn more as well as share her healing gift with my family. I later scheduled a group reading for my entire family. This experience proved to be extremely healing & life changing  for all of us!

I’m so thankful to have kept in touch with Chrishara over the years and thrilled that I recently had the opportunity to meet her very gifted sister, Crystle. Like Chrishara, Crystle is unbelievable at channeling spirit! She strongly feels the emotions of the individuals and spirits she reads. She was even able to sense  private feelings and thoughts I had shared with my deceased grandmother; thoughts I had never expressed to anyone else. In addition to reading spirit, Chrishara & Crystle performed powerful and much needed energy work on my parents. It was incredible to see them release the negative energy and burdens from both of my parents! Both Chrishara and Crystle are extremely empathic and their work is not only mind-blowing but extremely healing. They have forever changed my life and the way I view the world & after-life. I will forever be  grateful for the healing they have bestowed upon me and my family.” ~Jaclyn R., NJ



“Chrishara is not only accurate in her readings but her Reiki sessions are so powerful you will have a feeling of wholeness when she is done…she is a very wise woman.” ~Mia T., Georgia



“Beautiful energy, precise works. I recommend Chrishara for those who seek self-enlightenment and good fortune for their futures.” ~Maman Brigette, Michigan



“Totally releasing, my session was absolutely awesome I didn’t have a migraine headache for 2 days and they eventually went away altogether.” ~Yoko-Ono W., Michigan



“Great work, spot on Chris is really in tune and helps you to realize your true self and get to your goals. Money well spent each time. Thank you!” ~Charmaine F., Michigan



“Peace, Chrishara is a compassionate human being, and  her transparency of her own journey allows her clients to experience their awakening non-judgmentally. In your pursuit to self mastery, I highly recommend her Brain Boot Camp. Its invaluable!” ~Syreeta S., Minnesota



“There aren’t many words to describe Chrishara’s Brain Boot Camp. To say it was transformational would be an understatement. She helped me connect with myself on such a profound level, and in the process, my awareness became amplified! She didn’t hold back, yet I was able to feel her sincerity through each lesson and began healing my wounds. Miracles are now a commonality for me and my potential is more apparent than ever before. Chrishara is truly a gift to the world, and I am forever grateful that we chose to connect.” ~Jennifer W., Georgia



“Greetings beloved I’ve been wanting to provide a testimony to additional truths that you spoke into my life. I have custody of my kids again. That was a sore spot for me when I spoke to you, and I went from hardly seeing my kids, going thru drama with their father to having them full time again no drama…lol. I am so thankful for the confirmation you provided that they were coming home to me regardless of how my situation might have looked at the time. I can honestly say what we may SEE is not our reality and when the manifestation appears it is not by our own doing…miracles I tell you!” ~Jan B., Georgia



“Thank you for being a healer as well as a healer’s healer. I cannot express the gratitude of being in the presence of one so gifted energetically and spiritually. When people say God send, your picture pops up!” ~Dr. Khephera Jesal, Michigan



“You and Chrishars are not only a part in my story, but you helped me find the tools to change the story line.” ~Debra W., Michigan



“Six months ago I did not believe in the supernatural. I mean, maybe I thought I did… Our daughter claimed since infancy to have friends that floated above her but I merely entertained the idea, honestly, and she has a diagnosis for every Parasomnia including night terrors. I couldn’t imagine there was anything up there that could actually hurt her…

Her brother is only a year older than she is, and is 5 now. With a diagnosis for Autism and seizures, it was easy to choose to believe that everything that was going on with him was a result of his neurological impairment, either from vaccines or some other “mistake” we had made in learning to care for him as new parents…

My beautiful wife, the gifted time-traveling warrior “simply” had DID, a condition that science and psychology both explain as having multiple personalities with separate identities and memories. DID is offered up to describe a fragmented consciousness from so many traumatic acts of violence as a small child during regular every day life and ritual abuse.

And myself…until just a few years ago I was a hard-working Atheist that would often even take time from my day to talk others out of their own faith if I could, just because I wanted solidarity in my beliefs I suppose. I also survived a very traumatic childhood and would spend generous amounts of time researching and looking for labels to put on my condition, like Hypomania, Cyclothemia, DDNOS, etc. I was hoping to recover memories of being a child which I felt would help me to heal, if only I could relive those traumatic moments that I had blocked out somehow…

The first time we met Crystle it was what I would have considered at the time a “chance” encounter. She came over with another friend of ours and she was someone I would have described as “spiritual”, though I had no real concept of that definition. We had a lot in common though and the next time she came over to hang out with us, she told us that she had been fired from her job for performing an exorcism on a young girl where she was working. She said that for awhile, she could feel that there was something with and around the girl, and when the girl asked for help with it, Crystle followed her heart. She told us that the girl went home and was much better afterwards. Whatever was bothering her went away.

I believed Crystle, I really did. But it was a lot to take in with words like exorcism and entity, words I see in movies really, not that I hear about as a truth. And the word God was a trigger for me to find a grain of salt. I guess I felt like Crystle really believed in what she did, so through group consciousness or something, it became a real feeling for everyone involved. I was always quick to want to explain something cosmic or spiritual with something that is considered socially acceptable science. But it did not occur to us, even with the unique experiences we were having in our home, that an exorcism was something that would help any of us in our own family.

Towards the beginning of last summer, my wife had been suffering from seizures that we were told were called dissociative seizures for months, it was horrible and it was killing us energetically and emotionally. She was also experiencing being raped multiple times a day almost every day and we were being told it was called “Body memories”. I had to hold my wife and wait for it to stop and there was nothing I could ever do about it. Over and over. She eventually stopped telling me about it I would find out later, and suffered through it alone.

On top of that, another DID part (or so we were being told) had emerged that was taking on demonic characteristics. I did some more research and discovered that the DSM-4 manual finally made up something new called “Possession Trance Disorder” and added it to the criteria for DID. This diagnosis covered most of the characteristics of demonic possession except for how she was having episodes of being thrown up into the air and into the walls of our hallway, where I was literally pulling her down and away from walls to protect her however I could. I knew what I felt. It defied gravity.

Part of her body was moving around involuntarily on some days. Sometimes she’d go away and the demon part would just be looking around the room and making faces literally characteristic of a demon. Then when I’d get her back, she would be completely drained of energy. I knew this wasn’t DID. It was just hard to accept that demons were a real thing. I knew I was going to have to accept that God was real too. And that meant I was wrong, for so long… Fortunately I didn’t have to rely on my own intuition alone anymore, as we have very gifted children.

Our daughter who was three years old at the time confided in me that she sees a person standing outside across the street, that we don’t see, and that it looked like the drawing that her mom had made. The drawing was what my wife saw of her own face when she looked in the mirror during one of the seizures. Our daughter said that “the person used mom’s feet to walk in the house after grocery shopping”. Everything clicked. I didn’t need to ask her any questions. The little girl who had always claimed to have invisible friends, that were not imaginary, saw the demon that I already knew was taking residency inside of my wife.

I called Crystle and Chrishara right away and told them what was going on. They came over as soon as they could. It had been a very hard few months for us and we didn’t have any money. They not only offered to help us for trade, but they understood that this was an emergency situation, and just the fact that they were willing to help us with something that felt so dangerous when I couldn’t pay them with money….that alone changed me.

The exorcism and soul retrieval was peaceful and beautiful. Nothing like I would have imagined. I was blessed to be able to see this monster being ripped out of my wife through chanting and meditation, so that I would know indefinitely that this was all real. There were a few moments where it seemed like things were moving fast but I trusted that I needed to participate and not ask questions. I felt power in the room, great energy, and I was not afraid. The entire time, despite what we were all there to do, I felt safe and felt confident in what was happening. It felt right.

And it worked, the demon left for good. But to our surprise, my wife woke up the next day and realized that there were no longer any other voices or identities inside of her mind anymore. There were no other “parts” or “pieces” or “alters” and she suddenly had a communicative relationship with Spirit that she could begin to explore. She was free and her soul was recovered.

It would turn out that this was only the beginning of what would quickly become known to us as Dark Arts Training. Something that we cannot run from – anymore than we would want to die alone and uncared for in some hospital, institution, prison, or coffin. We were to discover that we would have to go deep inside of ourselves and be fully honest about who we are, what we want, and what we’re doing about it. We were to discover that our children are a reflection of us, and would soon spend several months fighting these demons in and outside of our OWN CHILDREN.

The answer we have found through the guidance of these two very powerful and enlightened women is to BE the LOVE that we’re always talking about. And love is hard work when you come from an ancestral pool of black-hearted blood. We felt love yea, but we also felt anger and shame and guilt and sadness and all types of other bottom-feeding emotions and we projected them onto our children.

We all project ourselves onto our children, it’s natural and it’s going to happen, but we weren’t being honest with ourselves that it was simply because we weren’t doing the work we needed to do to create an environment where there is no fighting or arguing or even sarcasm really – telling ourselves it wasn’t really possible. It’s possible, and we’ve achieved it, we’ve come through ALL of this in just less than half an Earth year. Anything is possible when you believe that anything is possible and you can turn the ugliest story into the most beautiful poetry just by changing the tune of your heart. That is what I have learned from Chrishara and Crystle in the short time I have known them, the power of my heart.” ~Martin W., Michigan


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